D'Arcy Walker
D'Arcy Walker is the contractor behind the DW Homes name.

In addition to his work as a contractor, D'Arcy worked as an on-site quality control manager for new builds in Calgary, Alberta. He worked for a major builder and was responsible for over 300 houses. D'Arcy ensured deadlines were met and that new residences were completed to the owners' and builder's satisfaction. This meant D'Arcy was the liaison between homeowner and the trades. Homeowners met with D'Arcy to inspect the houses; he managed the tradespeople who fixed any issues before occupancy. D'Arcy understands how important your home is to you and has the experience and skills to manage renovation projects.

D'Arcy's passion for quality construction stems from his early career when he worked on multimillion dollar custom built homes in Oakville, Ontario. Working with local builders, D'Arcy honed the eye for detail and skills required to work with the high quality, detailed craftsmanship present in luxury houses.

D'Arcy holds a diploma in Architectural Technology from Fanshawe College.

DW Homes works with skilled local tradespeople that D'Arcy will source and manage to ensure that your renovation is completed to the highest standard of quality.
Even though you're a busy guy, you've always been there on short notice to respond to my urgent matters. Your work is highly competent and there's never been any necessity to re-do anything you've done.
You obviously have an ability to relate well to people. I have a number of difficult and impatient tenants and you've always been able to respond in such a way that they calm right down. Some were so pleased with your service that they've taken to calling you directly and others have asked me for you by name. Without question you provide value for money.

- B.E. Burlington | View Testimonials