D'Arcy will meet with prospective clients before a project starts to ensure we understand the clients' wishes, plans, needs and scope of the project. Once D'Arcy and a homeowner have discussed the project and budget, DW Homes will provide a quote, free of charge. We listen to our clients and can make suggestions to incorporate project priorities at different budgetary levels.

Following the definition of the project, we carefully select trades and sub-trades to form a qualified and experienced team tailored to the project. Our foremen are expert problem solvers and provide solutions to any surprises discovered along the way.
In addition to striving for customer satisfaction, we believe that maintaining a high quality service includes exceeding minimum building code standards and maintaining a safe and clean work site.

D'Arcy Walker personally oversees every project.

We constantly provide our clients with regular progress updates, particularly with respect to those tasks we consider as milestones to the project.

Post Construction
Our team maintains close relationships with our clients after all the work is completed. We follow up to ensure our clients are satisfied with their newly remodeled space.

Our clients are not always looking for large renovations. We also service homeowners who need someone experienced to assess and solve any problems that arise. Our maintenance services may be perfect to meet your ongoing homeownership needs. This includes cleaning gutters and seasonal maintenance for your residence.
Even though you're a busy guy, you've always been there on short notice to respond to my urgent matters. Your work is highly competent and there's never been any necessity to re-do anything you've done.
You obviously have an ability to relate well to people. I have a number of difficult and impatient tenants and you've always been able to respond in such a way that they calm right down. Some were so pleased with your service that they've taken to calling you directly and others have asked me for you by name. Without question you provide value for money.

- B.E. Burlington | View Testimonials